TOG knives are made from 21 layers of high quality Japanese stainless steel Acuto 440 and antimicrobial copper with Rockwell hardness (HRC) 58-60 and a 440 high carbon core. The ten antimicrobial copper alloy layers give TOG knives their unique strips and have individual numbers making each TOG knife unique. All TOG knives are sharpened to 10° both sides and have no metal hilt at the heel of the knife. Welded stainless steel bolster improves durability and creates a good balance to the knives.
The handle is made of kebony a Norwegian eco-alternative to tropical hardwood. Kebony is made by treating FSC maple with a bio-waste liquid using heat and pressure and the result is very hard, durable and water resistant handle. The laser-etched 600 year old Japanese pattern gives texture and has a scoop feature for your little finger to give you control and precision the handle is full tang.

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TOG ceramic honing rod 250mm (10")

An easy and effective way of maintaining the edge of a sharp knife. The rod works by repairing small amounts of damage and sharpens at the same time.

TOG sujihiki knife 260mm (10.2")

The Sujihiki is a thin, double-bevel Japanese knife designed for slicing raw or cooked protein such as meat or fish.