SUNCRAFT was founded in 1948 in Seki city, Japan which is famous worldwide as a city of knife making. Since then, SUNCRAFT has been offering high quality tools suitable for both professional chefs as well as for home cooks.​​​​​

SENZO was an ancestor of the founders of SUNCRAFT and he was devoted to the local welfare of Seki city and helped it develop and bloom. Today SUNCRAFT's kitchen knives, which are made by in-house artisans are branded “SENZO” to honour the ancestor and today the "SENZO" stamp is the proof of SUNCRAFT quality.

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Suncraft black damascus petty knife 120mm (4.7") #BD-02

The Petty knife is light and thin with a bit of flex to it and is used for peeling and chopping and trimming.

Suncraft black damascus small santoku knife 143mm (5.6") #BD-03

The Santoku is the most popular knife in the Japanese home and considered to be an all rounder in the kitchen.

Suncraft black damascus gyuto knife 210mm (8.2") #BD-05

The gyuto is known as a Chef’s knife or French knife. It is the one and first knife all chef’s/cooks needs in their kitchen.

Suncraft black damascus bread knife 220mm (8.6") #BD-06

The bread knife is one of the key items in every kitchen.

Suncraft black damascus sashimi knife 210mm (8.2") #BD-07

The Suncraft black damascus sashimi knife slips through food effortlessly and its incredible sharpness means you never struggle.

Suncraft black damascus bunka knife 165mm (6.4") #BD-08

The Suncraft damascus bunkahas a knife blade which is designed as a boning knife.

Suncraft black damascus bunka knife 200mm (7.8") #BD-09

The Suncraft damascus bunka has a knife blade which is designed as a boning knife.