Shun pro sho


The Shun Pro Sho Series focuses exclusively on single-edged and thus traditionally Japanese blade shapes. Thanks to extremely high manufacturing standards and corrosion-resistant blade steels, this series is particularly suitable for continuous professional use. The knife's elegant design combines classic Japanese design language with contemporary features in a sublime fashion.
The knife's blade is made of corrosion-resistant VG 10 steel with a hardness of 61 (±1) HRC. Its cutting edge, honed to 45° on one side, ensures the extra sharpness required for extreme precision. The flat of the blade is hollow-ground to create a cushion of air between it and the material being cut. Combined with a wide and flat blade, this reduces friction to a minimum and guarantees perfect cutting results.

The handle, made of black pakkawood, appears very elegant and fits the hand perfectly. Its asymmetrical chestnut shape enables a secure and comfortable grip whilst cutting. The integrated tang provides stability and balance.
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Shun pro sho deba blade 6.5" / 16,5 cm, handle 12,2 cm #VG-0002

Deba is Japanese for: cutting blade. The Deba is traditionally used in Japan as a hatchet. This stable and heavy knife possesses a strong, wide blade with a single cutting edge.