Shun premier Tim Malzer


​​​​​​​The Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Series has been tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of professional chefs. In this premium series, the high-quality material properties of the well-known Shun Classic Series are combined with an entirely novel and commanding overall appearance. The blade is divided into three different textures: The blade's back down to its middle has been hammered to create a surface known as Tsuchime.
The Shun Premier blade's core fashioned from extremely hard VG Max steel and is enveloped in 32 layers of Damascus steel. This combination of different steel grades makes the blade both hard and flexible at once. The double-sided blade is easy to use because it its light weight and guarantees a clean and precise cut. The incorporation of a hammered surface - known in Japan as Tsuchime - underlies not only aesthetic reasons, but also serves the release of material from the blade thanks to the resulting air pockets.
Thanks to its symmetrical shape, it is suitable for both left- and right-handed users. A continuous tang ensures stability and balance whilst cutting. As a special touch, the handle's end has been engraved with Tim Mälzer's bull's head, the professional chef's trademark.
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Shun premier Tim Malzer paring knife blade 4.0" / 10,0 cm, handle 10,5 cm #TDM-1700

The most versatile of all parers: for mincing shallots, onions and herbs as well as cleaning and cutting vegetables.

Shun premier Tim Malzer utility knife blade 6.5" / 16,5 cm, handle 10,5 cm #TDM-1701

Perfect for the larger cuts of meat, fruit and vegetable.

Shun premier Tim Malzer chef's knife blade 6.0" / 15,0 cm, handle 11,0 cm #TDM-1723

No kitchen should be without this manual food processor.

Shun premier Tim Malzer chef's knife blade 8.0" / 20,0 cm, handle 12,0 cm #TDM-1706

Slicing, mincing, dicing of all kind of food.

Shun premier Tim Malzer slicing knife blade 9.5" / 24,0 cm, handle 12,0 cm #TDM-1704

Perfect for the larger cuts of meat, fruit and vegetable.

Shun premier Tim Malzer carving fork blade 6.5" / 16,5 cm, handle 11,0 cm #TDM-1709

As a carving or serving fork, you´ll have a good hold on most anything.