Shibata Kotetsu


Shibata Kotetsu
Ikeda and Shibata have teamed up to make this range of knives, Ikeda hammers out the knives and Shibata sharpens and finishes the knives in his work shop in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima, Japan. The knife range is named after a famous ship called the Ironclad Kotetsu, which was a warship used to ram wooden boats in the 1869 and had a similar shape to the knives you see.
The blade is thin, fine, nimble and light and the belly of the knife is curved and has a reversed tip. The handle is octagonal with rosewood and pakka wood ferrule. The spin has a curved very high mirror polish to give your fingers better control and comfort when used a lot the sharp point to the blade is great for cutting and scoring through foods like squid and vegetables.
Straight out the box the knife is very sharp due to the flat edge on the knife but is very strong from the R2 powdered steal core. The sides of the knife a rough to minimise any friction between the food and the blade. They are fun to us and we love them.
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