Kurokage VG10

​​​​​​​​​​Sakai Takayuki non-stick coating VG10 “Kurokage” knives are finished with fluorine resin giving a mate black finish to the blade. In addition to this the blade has been hammered to give it texture that prevents further foods sticking to the blade and encourages the no stick function. The core blade is VG10 with a rockwell hardness of around 60 -61 which is typical in most Sakai Takayuki VG10 ranges. Handles are more traditional Japanese Octagonal Wenge wood with a Buffalo horn ferrule and give these knives a very light feel in the hand.

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Sakai Takayuki kurokage VG10 petty 150mm (5.9") #7491

The Petty knife is light and thin with a bit of flex to it and is used for peeling and chopping and trimming.

Sakai Takayuki kurokage VG10 santoku 170mm (6.6") #7492

The Santoku is the most popular knife in the Japanese home and considered to be an all rounder in the kitchen.

Sakai Takayuki kurokage VG10 gyuto 210mm (8.2") #7493

The gyutos meaning is “Cow sword” in Japan as gyu means “Beef” and to means “Sword” this is also known as a Chef’s knife or French knife.