Knives for chef’s knife sharpening and repairs
We use a combination of whetstones and leather strop to sharpen your knives with whetstones going up to #10000. We sharpen all knives no matter what metals they are made of and we can do this as we have over 15 years of sharpening experience.
We only sharpen straight edged knives and we charge 65p per inch (knife edge) and £5.50 for postage which is next day recorded delivery. We have a number of top chefs using our knife sharpening service who love our skills.
We can do a pickup in central London and to go through any knife or kitchen requirements you need. When sending any knives in the post knives for chefs do not take any responsibility for any loss off any knives.
Please make sure the knives are sent in a secure packaging with recorded delivery and the correct name, return address, telephone number and email on paper in the delivery.

Below is a link to royal mail about sending knives in the post.
Please send to:

Knives for chefs
89 Hopton road
SW16 2EL

We will arrange payment when we have finished the work. You will 
receive your knives in 5 working days.

The team at knives for chefs