Kasumi Superlative

Sugimoto have been making knives since the 1930s and where known in the beginning for making samurai swords. Over time Sugimoto have dedicated their time to making only the finest handmade knives and the kasumi superlative is no exception. Kasumi superlative is a special category for professional sushi and fish preparation chefs please be aware that due to the high purity of this steel, Kasumi Superlative will rust if not maintained properly.


​​​​​​​Kasumi Superlative Knives are made by joining a piece of soft iron with a piece of carbon steel. The soft iron portion protects the hardened steel that tends to fracture. This reduces brittleness and makes sharpening easier. Kasumi knives are made from two materials by joining a piece of soft iron (Jigane) with a piece of high-carbon steel. “Kasumi” means “mist” which refers to the hazy appearance of the soft iron body of the blade, as contrasted to the glossy appearance of the carbon steel

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