Classic Ikon

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Wusthof classic Ikon peeling knife 7cm (2.7") #4020

This small, handy knife with its short sabre-shaped, curved blade is also called a paring knife and is particularly suitable for peeling and cleaning round vegetables and fruit.

Wusthof classic Ikon paring knife 8cm (3") #4006

The straight edge offers close control for decorating as well as peeling, mincing and dicing.

Wusthof classic Ikon paring knife 9cm (3.5") #4086/09

If you want to chop garlic, onions, chillies or other vegetables particularly finely, then this trimming knife with a central tip is the best choice.

Wusthof classic Ikon utility knife 12cm (4.5") #4086/12

This job is particularly easy to do accurately with this slim knife with its narrow, straight blade.

Wusthof classic Ikon steak knife 12cm (4.2") #4096

The extra-sharp blade is not only a must for cutting your favorite steak but also for all kinds of meat dishes.

Wusthof classic Ikon sausage knife 14cm (5") #4126

The choice for slicing rolls and bagels, surely a favourite for hard salami and even the ripest tomato.