Boning - Honesuki

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Sugimoto CM Hone-suki knife 140mm (5.5") #CM2215

The Honesuki knife is a Japanese boning knife with a traditional triangular shape, it is used for deboning poultry.

Tojiro DP Boning knife # F-827 Blade 150mm / 6" Handle 120mm

The boning knife is a Japanese made knife made in a western style. It has a thinner blade with an inverted heal to prevent your hand from slipping when working round the bones of poultry, beef and lamb.

Tojiro DP bread knife #F-828 Blade 215mm / 8.6" Handle 125mm

The bread knife is a staple for all chefs and cooks.

Wusthof Cleaver 3.5mm thick 460g 16cm (6.2") #4680/16

The ultimate tool for all tasks that place high demands on the sturdiness and power of the knife